Cabinet Inspector Session 2

The following session inspects the virtual address of the cabinet_inspector’s own stack variable.

Note that this shell session was run as root (hence the # terminal prompt).

# ./cabinet_inspector 
inspecting cabinet for 0x7ffc9995a7b4 of pid=-1

[405] inspect_cabinet():
paddr: 0xb874d7b4
pf_paddr: 0xb874d000
pte_paddr: 0xd460d000
pmd_paddr: 0xd47a0000
pud_paddr: 0x35454000
p4d_paddr: 0x35454000
pgd_paddr: 0xb71c4000
dirty: yes
refcount: 1

[proc] pagemap:
paddr: 0xb874d7b4
pf_paddr: 0xb874d000
exclusively mapped: yes
file-page: no
swapped: no
present: yes